Iskra mehanizmi, objekt na Brniku, pogodba s Kolektor Koling

15. 10. 2019

Naša dela na objektu se pričnejo v oktobru 2019.

Besedilo s profila Iskra Mehanizmi d.o.o. (o objektu):

We are proud to announce: We are investing! Current production sites do not allow us to expand our business anymore. New plant in Brnik will be the biggest investment in the history of Iskra Mehanizmi. Plant will be footsteps away from Ljubljana airport. A new state-of-the-art production plant is on schedule to be fully operational by mid 2020. New assembly lines along with moulding and stamping machines will take place at new location. This will increase efficiency and improve our capacity. We'll be ready to pick up new projects in automotive, medical and industrial markets.


Alufinal d.o.o.
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Alufinal d. o. o.
Cesta krških žrtev 135 b
8270 Krško
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